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Pressure tests of new and existing homes to determine:
    • If new homes meet the Washington State Energy Code.
    • Air and heating duct leakage in the home and whether it needs to be sealed.
The purpose of this test is to measure and quantify the air tightness of the house.  We use a Minneapolis Blower Door, Pressure Pan, and Duct Blaster to do this.  Each home leaks some, but the goal is to remove excess leakage and with a balanced approach, control where air enters the home.

Air and heating duct sealing:  This is typically one of the most economic ways to cut down energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of a home.  The ducts must be sealed before insulation.  Sealing air leakage can reduce energy loss and lower your energy bill.  It also helps to minimize moisture movement from one portion of the home to another that may cause problems, such as attic mold.  Air sealing improves air quality in the house and reduces indoor pollutants. 

Infrared scanning of homes to:
    • Identifies insulation deficiencies.
    • Locates other problems possibly hidden within building cavities.
    • Assists in defining action plans to address complex building problems.
Infrared thermography is based on temperature differences and is a great tool for analyzing existing buildings without disturbing the structure.

Combustion Safety Testing:
    • Ensures furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces function properly and are safe for occupants.
    • Identifies inefficiencies of equipment and the need for any upgrades.
    • Forecasts potential problems with combustion equipment which may arise from future sealing or insulating of the home.

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