About Us


We founded 2Z Energy in 2011 to serve homeowners, home builders, and construction contractors in the greater Puget Sound area. We are a small business that focuses on providing home energy and performance consultation, testing, and improvements. We can prioritize the needs for upgrades, complete comprehensive energy audits, and help you achieve lower home heating cost, increased comfort, and better air quality. We have the experience, tools, and industry connections to address even the most complicated issues while keeping the costs reasonable.

Our Experience
  • Over 1000 blower door / pressure tests performed since 2005 in new, existing single and multi-family residential homes.
  • Hundreds of thermal scans and blaster tests completed since 2009.
  • Over 1500 inspections and delivered estimates relating to Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality.
  • Thousands of hours of field experience installing recommended upgrades.
  • Seven years of experience working with local utility and weatherization programs.
  • BPI Certified Building Analyst Professional
  • EPA Certified in Lead Renovation and Repair
  • Certified Level I Infrared Thermographer

Randy Zieman

Randy has always had an interest in residential comfort. He grew up in an old farmhouse in North Dakota where the temperatures often plummeted to below -20 F. Blankets were placed over windows and doorways to section off portions of the home, yet the heating bill was over $150 a month (about $800 today).

Starting in 1997 Randy spent several years in Finland studying Environmental Sciences. While the climate there was similar to that of North Dakota he realized homes were much more comfortable than he recalled growing up. He began working on restoration projects in Finland and learned more about building standards. 

In 2005, he started working for Atmosphere IEM Inc. , Seattle, as a Building Performance Technician. His core duty was to analyze and repair homes to improve their indoor air quality and energy efficiency.   A passion for improving energy efficiency and air quality in homes soon developed.  Randy became the Construction Manager at Atmosphere in 2006 and the company began to focus on Multi-Family structures as well as low income weatherization based on Washington State Specifications. 

In 2009, Randy became Operations Manager at Atmosphere providing estimates, crew management, and oversight for home improvements under various weatherization programs. In 2011, he began the process of starting his own company which has been his dream since the business week he was selected to attend in high school.

Virpi Salo-Zieman

Virpi has always had an interest in environmental issues. She has master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering from Finland and in Civil Engineering from our local U.W.  She is now a licensed professional engineer in Washington State. Coming from Finland, where triple pane windows and high building codes are the standard practice, living in an average US house was quite the shock. Dry forced air heating, wall-to-wall carpets, leaky windows, and uncomfortable and unevenly distributed heat, were driving her to find ways to make this all work better. 

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